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Come and discover Coimbra in a different way! Coola Boola offers a unique classic car tour experience in a beautiful 1931 Ford Model A, arguably one of the most beautiful cars ever made!

In this city tour you will have the opportunity to take an elegant and unique tour through the streets of Coimbra and learn about its stories.

This tour includes places of historical and cultural value in Coimbra as well as the offer of a local craft beer.


Tour duration: about 45 minutes

Meeting and departure point: Hotel Astória (or another point in the city to be agreed).


Tour price: €99.90

(with capacity for up to 3 adults in the vehicle*)

Contact us for Booking!!!


A journey through the brewing tradition of Coimbra with guided tasting of 5 beers with tapas pairing, where, in addition to the sensory part, you will also learn about their history and origin. A moment of conviviality and learning with an expert passionate about beer and its cultural richness.

Approximate duration: about 50 minutes

Location: Coola Boola CoLAB – Praça do Comércio


Price: €15 per person

Contact us for Booking!!!


Do you have that one song you sang or wrote that one time, and would like to present it to someone special? Do you want to record your marriage proposal?

If you’d like to record it with professional musicians, we can also {BUILD} a band just for you. (Price upon request and dependently of the band you choose!).

If you’d like to have the vinyl at a specific date we suggest the purchase to be complete within 6 weeks in advance.

If you are from aboard do not fear, we will send it wherever you are!

All you have to do is bring it in MP3. We will do the rest!


Attention!!! Delay of about 6 weeks in delivery.



  • Transparent 7” (45rpm) Vinyl side A : 70 euros | 1 music, max. 4 min.
  • Transparent 7” (45rpm) Vinyl side A and B : 80 euros | 2 music, max. 4 min. each side.


  • Black 7” (45rpm) Vinyl side A: 80 euros |  1 music, max. 4 min.
  • Black 7” (45rpm) Vinyl side A and B: 90 euros |  2 music, max. 4 min. each side.


For more music, you need a LP 12” (33rpm) Vinyl:


  • Transparent 12” (33rpm) LP Vinyl: 140 euros | max. 12 min. each side.
  • Black 12” (33rpm) LP Vinyl: 150 euros | max. 12 min. each side.


Please talk to us, email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


A Pin Up style photo session. More than a different, daring, cute and fun moment between friends, more than a bachelorette party or a special moment, more than a photo session, this is a moment of freedom and body awareness, of empowerment, of awakening sensuality and creating unique and irreverent memories.

Music, fashion and a lot of style are brought together in a single space so that our Pin-Ups genuinely relive all the retro, vintage surroundings that this lifestyle demands of us.

Clothing and accessories are provided for a true vintage pin up experience and can be purchased later with a 20% discount because… once you put them on, you’ll never want to take them off!

Pamper yourself, offer a gift, or surprise your friends. Send us an email or call us directly and find out about the options we have for you.


Price: from 20€/ pax with a free cocktail 😉

Includes photos crafted for vintage style social media and Pin Up mini-workshop.

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