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Craft Beer Bar & Bottle Shop

On the ground floor, in harmony with our trend store you can find our craft beer bar and bottle shop. It’s like a dream come true for beer lovers. Here you can certainly find one of a kind beer, order it, and drink it while you visit our store. Our lovely terrace gives that one of a kind “postcard” feeling while you experience one of the oldest squares in Europe. We want to re-introduce the proper way of enjoying your beer, there’s the right beer for everyone and all we want is to help you find it.

Our local beer is shrouded in mystery, they say the local artist Portuguese Pedro (who also owns COLAB) drank so much A.P.A. that praxis, our local brewing company, smacked his face and named their APA after him.

Our craft beer bar boasts 5 Beer TAPS with award winning beers from PRAXIS: Pilsener, Weiss, Portuguese Pedro APA, Sazonal and 1 guest tap.

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