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Inspired and passionate about the concept
of collective spaces as the old-style
department stores, we created the CoLAB.


  • The idea of our Food Lab(Laboratory) has its roots deep within the history and the Portuguese way of cuisine. You’ll definitely be able to taste little bites of our culture and, at the same time, be able to smell the condiments from the east, the perfume of Arabic culture, tastes of the great Asia but also the distinctive flavours and ingredients from Africa with a touch of south America.

    Inspired also by the multiplicity and freshness of imported ingredients and traditions combined with our joy of gathering around the table in the truest Mediterranean way.

    They say, to really  get to know people and their culture you should eat and drink with them. With that in mind we created our Supper Clubs, a space where once a week we gather around a table to experience the most diverse foods and drinks brought to you by guest chefs from all around. We try to present a different theme every supper club and this way travel across borders and get to know different cultures.

Cocktail Bar e Rooftop Terrace

  • No matter what you do, there’s always time for the finest cocktails in town. At our 5th floor our barmen and his recipes area always ready to receive you and recommend just what you’re looking for. Well introduce you old school and new kinds of cocktails always accompanied by the history of how it \ cocktails, there is something for everyone. Our food lab creates every day a variety of Pinchos (Spanish tapas) for you to enjoy while drinking that ice cold drink. At our rooftop terrace  you will find a unique view of our beloved city, where at sunset you can get that one picture destined for your facebook profile. An amazing terrace with a lovely view where you can enjoy your cocktail watching the sun go down and get that Coola Boola Feeling.

Craft Beer Bar & Shop

  • On the ground floor, in harmony with our trend store you can find our craft beer bar and bottle shop. It’s like a dream come true for beer lovers. Here you can certainly find one of a kind beer, order it, and drink it while you visit our store. Our lovely terrace gives that one of a kind “postcard” feeling while you experience one of the oldest squares in Europe. We want to re-introduce the proper way of enjoying your beer, there’s the right beer for everyone and all we want is to help you find it.

    Our local beer is shrouded in mystery, they say the local artist Portuguese Pedro (who also owns COLAB) drank so much A.P.A. that praxis, our local brewing company, smacked his face and named their APA after him.

    Our craft beer bar boasts 5 Beer TAPS with award winning beers from PRAXIS: Pilsener, Weiss, Portuguese Pedro APA, Sazonal and 1 guest tap.

Trend Store

  • Like our own personal gallery every product is carefully displayed according to a theme. All with the effort of making your purchases a more innovative and enjoyable experience.

    Our retro store is a place where you can find those items that will fill you with nostalgia, gifts for all ages and taste, from children toys to retro phones, outdoor and indoor old school home décor and much more.

Tattoo Guest Shop

  • We work hand in hand with the famous Bang Bang Tattoo Store from Sintra, Eduardo Pinela and Nazare.   Together we will try to bring a lot of diversity to our tattoo shop inviting guest tattoo artists from all around.

    You will have to keep a close eye on our online schedule since we’ll work mainly throw appointments. Feel free to send us your ideas throw email, and we’ll guide you to which artist best suits you and when he’ll pop by our lovely store.

Classic Barbershop

  • Designed as a man parlour, the concept focusses on providing the best experience possible to our costumers.  We are also proud Ambassadors of Shiner Gold, a creative American brand of water based pomades and beard products.

    Our vintage barber parlour doesn’t only offer a fresh cut and shave, it provides you with loads of different products for your hair, beard or moustache. We work with numerous brands like Proraso, Pinaud and vintage classic safety razors from Edwin Jagger and Muller, as well as the classic oil based pomade brands such as Murrays and Black nd’ White.

    Our barber Team leader is a professional graduated from one of the most prestigious barber academies in the world, the Figaro’s in Lisbon.

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