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Craft Beer & Beer Burger Tasting Experiment


A different gastronomic experience. And you will love it!

Even if you don’t like beer, we guide you through an experience of aromas, flavors and hops, allowing you to embrace the beer love and its amazing combination with our craft burgers, made with beer sauces and scents that contrast or pair with IPA, APA, WEISS or PILSNER.

With a mini course on craft beers, this is a tasting experience where we offer you the possibility of a signature craft beer burger, brought together by Chef Hugo Tarrafa, compound by 10 cl of 4 different beers. All this in a beautiful typical Portuguese square, where you can also delight yourself with the architecture and history of the surrounding buildings.

If you usually like to match the food with a good wine, try it with a good beer and watch yourself discovering a new outstanding gastronomic exploit.

Craft beers are the new wine.


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