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“Life is Coola Boola” T-Shirt Gentleman (Green)


CoLAB between creatives moves us, so Coola Boola is working with designers to make small limited collections of t-shirts and bags.



Colab is the first and only collaborative space based only on vintage and retro aesthetics in Portugal which currently houses various projects led by young people.

Because collaboration between creatives is what moves us, our project and brand ‘Coola Boola’ is working with designers from all over the world, making small limited collections of t-shirts and bags. The first collection is made by the chilean-croatian designer Karina Vukovic who presents ‘Life is Coola Boola’ like a lifestyle, based on design of the past but with a positive message for the future in these particular moments that we live as humanity. The expression ‘Coola Boola’ in urban dictionaries during the mid century means: “something that is great or spectacular”.

In this first collaboration we work with the latest technology in textile printing and serigraphy with high quality certified organic cotton to guarantee the durability of the pieces and thinking about the future of our environment. As our commitment is real, we want you to not throw this label out, made in recycled paper, and we suggest that you reuse it as a bookmaker.

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