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Portuguese Pedro’s 12 Pack Favourites

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The Beer Drinkin daddys says “a Beer a Day Keeps your Blues Away!” We present you he’s  finest selection of his 12 pack favourites outisde Portugal! And the price is in a tremendous promotion 🙂 Do you need any more reasons?? trust him, is a professional!



IF A 6 PACK IS GOOD, WELL,  A 12 PACK IS A WAY BETTER!!! a 6 Pack will gone too soon and we don´t want you without beer in this crazy days!

The Beer Drinkin daddys says a Beer a Day Keeps your Blues Away! And Now we present you he’s  finest selection of his 12 pack favourites at Coola Boola Bottleshop! And the price is in a tremendous promotion 🙂 

Well this beers for some reason are the most rated beers at rating plataforms as ratebeer or beeradvocate but…

Here goes Pedro’s reasons for his selection:

STONE ARROGANTE BASTARD , like they says on the label:  “This is an aggressive beer. You probably won’t like it. It is quite doubtful that you have the taste or sophistication to be able to appreciate an ale of this quality and depth.” well, i think pedro have it all.

STONE XOCOVEZA, crazy imperial stout style inspired in Mexico Hot Chocolate with some  amazing flavor of  hot chocolate, featuring coffee, pasilla peppers, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg and a generous amount of chocolate. Ai Caramba !!!!

STONE TANGERINE EXPRESS, cause he loves IPAS and Tangerines too, and we always need Vitamin C in our sistem. All match!

SIERRA NEVADA HOPTIMUM , is unique beer tripple distilled with intense hoppy ! Hop Hop Hop baby !! He likes Hop

SIERRA NEVADA BIG FOOT IMPERIAL STOUT , this sierra nevada imperial stout is one of the best that make Pedro Whoooeeee!!!!! He loves strong beer and loves chocolate and coffee , so good  in a Beer!

KONA BIG WAVE,  a Golden Ale  surprising hawaiian beer so refreshing and clean that even look like you drinkin clean water from the mountains! So coola Boola beer!  

FIRESTONE UNION JACK , one of the best west coast Ipas. Very malty and hopping! 

POPPELS IMPERIAL STOUT , another strong beer! no more comments to this one, organic strong beer!

STONE NOTORIOUS POG , a berliner weiss  style ale added passion fruit, orange & Guava , that kinda of beer that ya drink at breakfast 😛 easy drinkin and juicy!

STONE RIPPER , a juicy San Diego Pale Ale,  drew inspiration from the west coast surf cultures with hop Cascade from west coast and Galaxy from Australia! Pedro loves Beer and love surfin! Kind of beer juicy and hoppy!!!

ULTJE DR RAPTOR IMPERIAL . what a great imperial IPA, strong and very hopy! one of best euripeen beers for Pedro if you love Imperial Ipas

SUPERFREUND ROOKIE IPA, one of the last discovers from Pedro at Coola Boola Botleshop. Very juicy and hoppy !

Do you need any more reasons?? trust him, he’s a professional

Who’s Portuguese Pedro ? Check www.portuguesepedro.com

And you can find his music at Youtube Chanel

Portuguese Pedro – YouTube


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