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Medieval Coimbra Walking Tour


On this tour you’ll get to know more about medieval Coimbra and pieces of this knight and kings city history, an important part of the portuguese history.

Location: Coimbra (Old Town)
Duration: around 2 hours on foot
Languages: Portuguese, English, Italian and Spanish.
Prices: 2 to 4 pax 30€ each * 5 to 10 pax  25€ each

Meeting point: Coola Boola CoLAB, Praça do Comércio.

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What you’ll be able to see:

On this tour you’ll get to know more about medieval Coimbra and how this great city was, once upon a time, the kingdom’s capital. This is the perfect tour to get to know Coimbra’s history since the time of the   secrets and more in depth historical, local and social curiosities regarding our gorgeous and beautiful town.

The reconquest of the territory by the Christians was attained in 1064 by the forces of King Ferdinand Magnus in 1064 conquered again to the muslims forces of Califa Almançor. Coimbra is an old town and we can still find the remains of the confluence of different and rich cultures that had inhabited and built this town such as Jewish, Muslim, Christian among others.

In the 15th and 16th centuries, Coimbra was one of the main artistic centers of Portugal thanks to both local and royal “patronos” who supported important artists who left some important works in town that are possible to be seen today, the manueline and renaissance works are all over town.  The University of Coimbra, was founded by King D.Dinis I in XIII century but established definitely in this town around XVI century. For many decades, several colleges (colégios) established by the religious orders provided an alternative to the official institution, but were gradually discontinued with the secularization of education in Portugal. Built in the 18th century, the Joanina Library, the name is in homage to King Jonh, a beautiful baroque library, a notable landmark of the ancient university.

We’ll visit the sites and history of this all past history including Sé Velha Cathedral, a huge historical building that best captures the Romanesque style from back in the days.


Your guide will be Gonçalo Costa who has a degree in Art History and is a specialist in History of art, tourism and cultural patrimony. All studied at our very own University of Coimbra. He has a vast experience in guided tours throughout churches, museums and outdoors…

Be aware that the all tour will be mostly walking by medieval sidewalks and in the ups and downs of the old town! Bring comfortable shoes and your camera, of course.



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