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Team Building – Corporate

There are a lot of the things we can make happen for you.

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  • Production of Craft Beer Workshop

  • Wine, beer or cocktail tastings

  • Introduction to Cocktail and Bartending… to shine in any party!

  • Private supper clubs that can be specially designed for you with a theme or a particular kind of food that you’re looking for.

  • Wine Games, where you can have fun while you learn about wines…

  • Wine tastings with workshops, we’ll have special guests that will introduce you to wine culture.

  • Out of Office Work Party designed specially for you

  • Live Music at the Office

  • Live Sketching at the Office with an illustrator artist

These are some of the things we can make happen for you… we have lots of ideas, let us surprise you. Tell us yours.

Email us at co.lab.geral@gmail.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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